Hello everyone. I finally have a little free time to piss away on the diary. Obviously there’s a lot going on. I have been running the two nights of New Orleans Band Hangs every Tuesday and Wednesday, and it’s a different lineup every night. Also working the job washing the glasses and taking out the trash. But I am fed and the bills are paid and there are new tires on the car.

Go SaintsStandard Time has been in effect for a week now and with it comes the old familiar gloomy feeling. Like when you put on the winter coat for the first time. Everyone seems to love the fall (some would say Autumn) but I don’t. All around me I see only Death and Football. Both are inevitabilities, but it is probably the NFL that depresses me the most. It’s a sad and weary spectacle of pure boredom punctuated occasionally with hypercharged pituitary cases flinging themselves about to the tune of that stupid Gary...

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Hey there music fan, you wanna be my friend?
Go check out my in-progress MySpace page. Be 'MyFriend' and add me!
Why the MySpace page when I have this website you ask? Well, here at Camp McMurray headquarters, we feel that is time that the rest of world gets more McMurray, Tin Men, 007, Sad Band, Mad Band, 9th Ward Ramblers and any other damn thing we care to slap together. Then when we come to your quiet little town and rock your face off, we'll know in our hearts you had fair warning. Don't depend on FEMA to help your ass out after we pass through.
Remember our motto - 'Whatever it takes to have a little fun'.
If you act now, for a limited time, you may qualify to be my 'best friend'.
check it out today at - www.myspace.com/alexmcmurray


The Ninth Ward Ramblers/Hot 8 Brass Band


The Ninth Ward Ramblers will be opening up for the Hot 8 Brass band from New Orleans, USA.
This will be a great show benefiting the victims of hurricane Katrina.

Show at:
The Bait and Tackle Bar
320 Van Brunt at Pioneer
Red Hook, Brooklyn

The Ninth Ward Ramblers are:
Martin Krushe-saxophone
Alex McMurray-guitar and Vocals
Greg Shatz-Bass, accordion, and vocals
Scott Murchison-drums
Download the cool poster for this event HERE (2mb .pdf)


Save the Music: Big Easy Musicians Come to Bard for Benefit - Daily Freeman


DailyFreeman.com by Bonnie Langston

New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, but the city's music lives, something French Quarter regulars Coco Robicheaux and the band Tin Men will demonstrate tonight in a benefit concert at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson...


Jazz Concert at Bard to Benefit Victims of Hurricane Katrina

TC Extra/Lakeville Journal

TC Extra/Lakeville Journal

ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, N.Y.—Jazz at Bard presents a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina on Friday, October 14, featuring New Orleans musicians the Tin Men, Coco Robicheaux, and special guests. The suggested donation is $20. The concert begins at 8:00 p.m. at Bard College’s Olin Hall. Concerned about friends in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, Bard alumna Raissa St. Pierre ’87 was only too eager to help Tom Thayer organize a concert of New Orleans bands. Thayer, from Tivoli, New York, owns the club DBA in New Orleans, which is a mainstay of the music scene on Frenchman Street on the edge of the French Quarter...




Concert Friday October 14th 2005

All-star musical lineup includes the Tin Men, Coco Robicheaux, and other special guests

Emily M. Darrow
darrow@bard.edu mailto:darrow@bard.edu
Friday 14-Oct-2005

ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, N.Y.-Jazz at Bard presents a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina on Friday, October 14, featuring New Orleans musicians the Tin Men, Coco Robicheaux, and special guests. The suggested donation is $20. The concert begins at 8:00 p.m. at Bard College’s Olin Hall.

Concerned about friends in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, Bard alumna Raissa St. Pierre ’87 was only too eager to help Tom Thayer organize a concert of New Orleans bands. Thayer, from Tivoli, New York, owns the club DBA in New Orleans, which is a mainstay of the music scene on Frenchman Street on the edge of the French Quarter. “Tom had...

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Katrina has created a huge diaspora of New Orleans musicians, some of whom have ended up in the nyc area. There are now two weekly events designed to give musicians a place to blow and hang, and for those interested to listen and hang as well.

Starting Tuesday Oct. 4 and every Tues. thereafter
171 AVE C btw 10th and 11th streets
(212) 375-0723
starting around 10:00
Get off your ass and get to Micky’s.
I’ll be doing a solo set, then we’ll be featuring guest artists doing their tunes, followed by some jamming.

Every Wednesday night at 10:00
112 Ave A at 7th street
(212) 420-9517
This is downstairs in the tiki bar. We did this the other night and it was VERY raucous. No cover, but we pass the hat pretty strenuously. 

Playing dates in NYC. See the SHOWS section for all details....

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Well they say there’s a hurricane going on in New Orleans today. All my television offers is The People’s Court. My phone gets no incoming calls. For some reason I can’t get online. I seem to have drifted into a paradise of ignorance. All I know is that my friend Yvette has assured me that my 1960 Fender Concert amplifier is safe on the second story of her house. All in all, I’d say the situation is excellent.

We had some tours lately, one with 007 and another with the Tin Men immediately afterwards. Before I say anything else I’d like to talk a little about a place called Grape Street in Philadelphia.

If you read my last diary entry, you will recall a little rant about a certain club that stiffed the Tin Men last spring. I didn’t use the name of the club because I had to play there again with 007. You will also recall that in that rant...

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007 and Tin Men - East Coast Shows added!


Go check out all the details on the 007  - 'Shows' Page.
Come on out so we can Rock You Steady.

Go check out all the details on the Tin men - 'Shows' Page.
Come on out so we can Confuse and Enlighten.


Alex - Video Diary Entry - Play (1.4Mb QuickTime)

It’s nice to finally be able to get a moment to do a diary entry. I’ve been busy as hell, and nothing sticks in my head right now, so I’m just going to try to catch up. There have been a lot of things in the past few months that have happened where I said to myself, “gee, there’s something for the diary”, but for the most part it’s good that I didn’t put them down as they were at least in one case a totally vitriolic rant about the scumsucking, lying, venal cunt who screwed one of my bands out of some money at a certain club that, unfortunately, I’ll have to play at again. Suffice it to say, this piece of dogshit will get a large piece of my opinion shoved very far up his ass as soon as this certain gig is over and whatever pittance this slimeball deems fit to hand over is...

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New Photo

Just added a great new photo of me and Jonathan from Jazz Fest this year.
check it out on the photos page here...


Tin Men - Freaks For Industry reviewed in Offbeat


"Only in New Orleans could an album featuring jazz guitar, washboard, and tuba—and those instruments only, save for an occasional short-order cook’s “order up!” bell—be most notable for its songwriting."

read more on OffBeat...   or locally here...


Hey folks. Welcome to the new and improved alexmcmurray.com.


The site’s going to do a lot more things now and should be more amenable to updates. And we all love for stuff to be current, don’t we?

The coolest part will be that there will finally be song clips up for “Banjaxed” the Tin Men cds, the Fingerbowl stuff, 007 and anything else that comes down the pike. The only thing is I need to find some F-bowl cds so that I can sell them, and I don’t think the label that owns those masters are going to exhibit much largesse anytime soon. At any rate, I hope to have Fingerbowl cds available here soon. We’ll figure something out.

Also we’re working on the photos page for all you aficionados out there. If you have a picture to post on the site, send it in to info@alexmcmurray.com. It doesn’t have to be of me or any band I play with, either. Send anything you want and I’ll post what I can.

And that’s because I’m going to be posting this stuff...

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007 Jazz Fest Live CD is available


007 Jazz Fest Live CD is available available at www.jazzfestlive.com

For those of you who missed this years Jazz Fest 007 performance (I know, it was an early 11am time slot), or if you caught it and want to re-live the experience over and over, you can get a cd of show for your very own rock steady self.

They also have last years (2004) performance from the Lagniappe stage for sale as well. Buy them all, I say. Hell man, get your neighbor one too.

And be sure to go check out the new 007 rock steady web site at: www.007rocksteady.com


Tin Men - Freaks For Industry reviewed in Best Of New Orleans - Gambit Weekly


"The album, though, features the band at its irrepressible best. Recorded over four days last September and October, it explores New Orleans' musical forms in original songs or covers that touch on jazz, blues, R&B and rock. The Tin Men cover Danny Barker's "Palm Court Strut," the Dirty Dozen's "Blackbird Special," and McMurray's "The Ballad of Cap'n Sandy," which tells of the darkly funny drinking life of the character McMurray played while working in a Japanese theme park for six months. That sense of humor and the band's unique instrumentation unify Freaks for Industry. "

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Introducing the First Annual - Chaz Festival


 Chaz Festival



I suppose I should make an entry into this web-deal. Nothing really in the way of news. Just waiting around for some lady at the hospital to call and interview me about getting into Medicaid. Its 10:15 in the morning and I've been up for an hour. I think I would give my right eye for a cigarette.

Its Mardi Gras time again. Balls to this. Neck deep in assholes from Teaneck to Tacoma, all parking themselves between me and where I have to go, and not a red cent in their fanny-packs. Yessir, it's a one hour commute between Gallier and Canal streets these days. Does anyone out there know anything about flamethrowers? Send any and all info/schematics/prototypes to 615 Gallier st. nola 70117. What I've been craving is a big, mean-looking fire-spitter. Jellied gasoline flying across Bourbon St. Pale, waxy tourist-legs soaked with...
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Well kids. If you tried to come see me play in January 2004 you were shit out of luck for the most part because i caught pneumonia in NYC and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. All manner of fucking tubes and wires coming out of me. I looked and felt like something out of science fiction. But I'm out now and they say I am going to live. Managed to get one in at the Lakeside Lounge Tues 1/20 (thanks everyone for coming out), which went well, although my voice sounded a bit like Peter Brady's. The big story is that they put me on The Patch, so no smoking. The tradeoff isn't as bad as it could have been, for The Patch gives you the most vivid dreams about mathematics you can imagine. As i was warned by Jim Merrill up in Maine. I'll be back in New Orleans Feb. 4 to go back to the Old Grind at the Circle Bar. Where i shall share all the news of my...
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Hear ye, hear ye


My new record is finally done and shrink-wrapped for your safety and protection. All you need to do is acquire it somehow (through this miraculous website, of course), grab the biggest bottle of cough syrup you can find, borrow a friend's car with a cd player, find a nice straight road and start driving. Better yet, get dumped or dump someone and hang around behind the bowling alley with a discman and a bottle of muscatel.

You fingerbowl fans are in luck because, while the tin men and 007 are fine bands, there's just too much finger snapping for People Like Us. Working titles for The Record were "For the Aficionado" and "Too Bleak for Even the Fingerbowl". Indeed, I'm joined by Carlo Nuccio and Matt Perrine on most of the tracks, but we also got Bob Andrews, Joe Cabral, Debbie Davis, Sue Cowsill, Glenn Hartman, James Singleton, Grace Treffinger, David Torkanowski, Rick Trolsen,...

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