New Record "The Recent Future" Out NOW!

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The new record is finally wrapped and ready and released as of August 30 2022. It is available on Bandcamp and most streaming services (not Spotify). CDs and LPs available here at the site! CLICK HERE to get yours!


Headed back to Oshkosh, Chicago, Fort Atkinson

That's right we are going up North to put the word in the streets...The band plus Paul Sanchez will be In Oshkosh for Waterfest at the Leach Amphitheater Aug 17, (opening for Tower Of Power!). The crew heads South on 8/18 to Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, then just me and Glenn hartmen zip over to Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson on Saturday 8/19. Tell a friend!


"The Recent Future" Review in Offbeat Magazine

By Cree McCree

Here's a LINK to the piece. Or read below..


“A good songwriter writes good songs. A great songwriter writes overarching poetic narratives. The songwriter as lyric poet doesn’t just turn out albums or mixes, they weave myths that touch our collective soul and seem at once personal and in synch with the human zeitgeist. Alex McMurray is such a writer.”

The late, great John Swenson said it...

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Alex Band Heading To Oshkosh & Chicago

We'll be at the Leach Ampitheater in lovely Oshkosh 6pm Thursday, Aug 25 opening for Dirty Honey

Friday August 26 At Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, IL 8:30-10pm. Get tickets HERE


New Single "My Everything" Is Out Now!

Just In Time For Mardi Gras!

Check it out HERE!  With my pals The Iguanas. A sorta Saturday Night jam? Crank it up in your car...