Watch the Video for "Everybody Goes To Hank's"

Catch a glimpse of Pre-Covid life in this new vid... click here


New video for "West End"

I made a video for "West End", (with some help from Kourtney Keller...). Click here to watch it. 


John Swenson's Article On "Into The Sky" For Offbeat Magazine



Spencer Bohren came from the open sky and the cold hard realities of prairie fundamentalism.

His early life was a routine of relentless sun, strong winds, drenching rains and miracle springs after dusky winters that froze your soul. Surrounded by God’s creation and the abundance of nature, he grew within a discipline meant to keep the...

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Kid Covid and New Single

I have just released a new single--a great song called "West End" written by my old friend Dave Myers. Check it out HERE


And while we remain on Covid lockdown the Tuesday night shows on Facebook Live will continue at every Tuesday at 8pm CDT. The Time Of Great Hugging will be here someday...


Review: Alex McMurray, Lucky One (Independent)

Offbeat Magazine Lucky One

Offbeat Magazine by John Swenson

A new Alex McMurray album is a call for celebration. Not a huge, Mardi Gras-like celebration, because songwriters’ albums no longer define the zeitgeist as they once did. But definitely a more private, birthday party-like celebration, because great songwriting is a way to self-knowledge and ultimately satisfaction for those who have the patience to listen carefully. Once upon a time John...

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Heading To Bay Area For Kate Bush Project

Kate Bush, you say? OK, I'm game. Gonna go out to Californie to make a record of acoustic treatments of Kate Bush songs with my pal Tina Ozinski. Does anybody else think Kate Bush sounds kina like Ween?