Jazz Fest 2022!

Very excited to be invited to perform at the 2022 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival! Sunday May 8...


(Fingers crossed)


Band Shows!

The first public band show since the lockdown will be at Faubourg Brewery 4/11 at 4:30pm. Number 2 will take place the following Sunday 4/18 at the Broadside from 4-6pm. Both shows feature Carlo Nuccio, Glenn Hartman and Joe Cabral. We hope to see you Out There...


Write Brothers Web Concert 1/23/21

The Write Brothers recorded a live performance of the songs from our new record "Into The Sky" and you can check it out on 01/23/21. Be a part of our first virtual CD release party! 

Click HERE for your ticket...


Alex's Appearance On The Troubled Men Podcast

An airing of good times and grievances. Over cocktails!  Listen HERE.


"Road Songs" Reviewed in Offbeat Magazine

Alex McMurray, Road Songs (Diphthong Records)

A good songwriter writes good songs. A great songwriter writes overarching poetic narratives. The songwriter as lyric poet doesn’t just turn out albums or mixes, they weave myths that touch our collective soul and seem at once personal and in synch with the human zeitgeist. Alex McMurray is such a...

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