I suppose I must admit I've fallen down the rabbit hole. Things have been Strange and Paradoxical of late, due to a little mission I agreed to take care of for a friend. I'm not sure I have the time, space or even the inclination to go into it right now, but I offer it as a lame excuse for why there hasn't been a diary entry since last summer. This thing has been chewing up my days and gorging on my psyche. I noticed only yesterday that I had not a single gig booked for Mardi Gras; that the entire spring was a blank. Usually these things happen as a result of six weeks of acting like a nineteen-year-old. Not so this time. At any rate, after two days on the phone and several hours in front of the computer I think the ship is listing a little less. If you know me you know what the thing is that has become my albatross, my Vietnam. Perhaps I'll get into it later, but the thought of telling this story properly--doing the kind of thorough job it deserves causes the bile to rise in the throat. I'll just keep this one light and news-y, so I can get back to bailing the pus out from below decks.

chazfestlogo_150.gif (13577 bytes) First off, there will be another Chazfest. It will be on Thursday May 3 at the Truck Farm. Same place as last year. Rain or shine. We haven't picked any bands yet, except the Tin Men. We'll have the website and all that good stuff. Stay tuned for details.

I swear by all that is holy the shanty cd release party is going to happen. The thing has been mastered. We just need to manufacture the suckers. Anybody out there run a record label wants to put out some weird stuff fast? Anyone with a few grand they feel like throwing at my problems drop me a line and let's get it together.

007 morphed into 00Doug which begat Evening Highs which evolved into Folk Rock Trio from which came 00Alex. Any way you slice it, these terms mean (more or less) that Doug Garrison will be playing drums, Joe Cabral is on the bass and sings, Jonathan Freilich plays guitar and i do the same as well as sing. Sometimes we are enhanced by John Fohl, Brian Coogan or Johnny Sansone. Sometimes we play rock steady, sometimes Mexican music, sometimes my stuff. We have a lot of shows coming up in a lot of places so check the calendar.

tootsh.jpg (15579 bytes) jfest-aerial.jpg (33519 bytes) As far as 007 (the Jeffrey Clemens-flavored variety) is concerned, the big news is that we're going to be opening for Toots Hibbert at the House of Blues on Thursday May 3 at 8:00. I know that's the same night as Chazfest, but this is a gig you can't not do. The man is a living legend and still kicks out the jams. Too bad I'll have to miss his show but its such an honor to share the stage with one of the main architects of that sound. Maybe I'll stay for one. 007 will be playing at the fairgrounds Sun. May 6 and at DBA Mon. May 7 as well.

The Happy Talk Band record is just about done but still needs to be mixed. Look for a Jazzfest release, as Luke Allen & co will be rocking the fairgrounds Fri. April 27. I think we have a slot somewhere around noon.

The Tin Men are playing more often in the new year. We had a great show at the Saturn Bar the night before new years', and we're going to be at DBA Sat Feb 3 after the Krewe de Vieux parade.