New Diary Entry


Just a quick note to hip you to some upcoming stuff outside the usual weekly shows (Tim Men, Tom Paines, Jackals, et al)

Shanties, The Star Spangled Banner and New York

The Valparaiso Men's Chorus is back for a very special evening of sea shanties at the Saturn Bar this Friday March 6 at 10:00. If you have been a part of a shanty show at the Saturn, then you know how truly wild an experience it can be. If you haven't made it to one of these yet--don't be a shmuck! You'll wake up sore and hoarse, but with much more oxygen coursing through the veins. The Saturn is still located at 3067 St. Claude Ave. in America's own 9th ward

Now here's something for all you sports fans. I've been invited to sing the National Anthem as the Tulane Green Wave baseball team takes on the Trojans The University of Southern California. The game starts at 6pm this Friday at Greer Field at Turchin Stadium over there by the Ted's Frostop on Claiborne (leaving plenty of time to get down to the Saturn Bar). They also asked me to throw out the first pitch, and while the rotator cuff thing has been following me around for years, Roger's been working with me on a "Special Regimen" that has me feeling damn good! The photo above is of me hammering home the splitter. Holy Cow!

I'll be heading to NYC in March the 20th, 21st and 22nd of this month. Bill Malchow and myself will be doing my tunes as we open the show for Tab Benoit at Sullivan Hall march 20th. Sullivan Hall is located at 214 Sullivan St. in the Village. Saturday March 21 I'll be joining Bill with his Band at the Rodeo Bar at 375 3rd Ave, doing a New Orleans R&B thing. On Sunday March 22 Bill and I head upstate to play the Black Swan in swinging Tivoli. I guess we'll start early, maybe 8 or 9.

I hope to see you at one of these fine events. Be well and have a pleasant day.

Alex McMurray