Alex Makes The Top Five...

Can you believe that I have 2 albums in the top 5 of the Offbeat Magazine "50 Best Albums of 2020"? Neither can I, but the only way to prove that to you is for you to get an online subscription to Offbeat Magazine, which I of course urge you to do. Otherwise you'll just have to take my word for it. Plus the Write Brothers' album got the nod as well as the Debbie Davis/Matt Perrine X-Mas album. Hooray 2020!


New CD "Lucky One" is out NOW!

go to the "recordings" page...Recorded right here in downtown New Orleans, USA--where the magic happens! Thanks to all my friends who played on the record. The usual cast of characters: Carlo Nuccio, Joe Cabral and Glenn Hartman. Also the illustrious Brian Coogan, "Saturday" Susan Cowsill and Alexis Marceaux, Maestro Mike Dillon, Washboard Chaz, "Kid Kaboom" Jason Jurzak, Dr. Sick, The...

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Review: Alex McMurray, Lucky One (Independent)

Offbeat Magazine Lucky One

Offbeat Magazine by John Swenson

A new Alex McMurray album is a call for celebration. Not a huge, Mardi Gras-like celebration, because songwriters’ albums no longer define the zeitgeist as they once did. But definitely a more private, birthday party-like celebration, because great songwriting is a way to self-knowledge and ultimately satisfaction for those who have the patience to listen carefully. Once upon a time John...

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Heading To Bay Area For Kate Bush Project

Kate Bush, you say? OK, I'm game. Gonna go out to Californie to make a record of acoustic treatments of Kate Bush songs with my pal Tina Ozinski. Does anybody else think Kate Bush sounds kina like Ween?


Like A Cobra In The Dark: A Conversation With Alex McMurray

Offbeat Magazine

Offbeat Magazine by Michael Dominici

Alex McMurray is rightfully recognized as a great guitarist and singer-songwriter, but beyond that he is also a tremendous navigator of the New Orleans music scene. Besides being a founding member of Royal Fingerbowl and The Tin Men, McMurray also formed the beastly Valparaiso Men’s Chorus, with a focus on ribald sea shanties. He partnered with guitarist Jonathan Freilich for the Tom Paines,...

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