Best Of The Beat Awards

Very honored and humbled to be awarded the 2020 Offbeat Magazine Best Of The Beat Award for "Best Country/Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album" and "Best Country/Folk/Singer-Songwriter Artist". Thanks to everyone who voted...


New video for "West End"

Here's a video I made for my version of the the Dave Myers song "West End"


A Record For Our Time: Write Brothers’ Testament To Spencer Bohren

Offbeat Magazine Into the Sky

Offbeat Magazine by John Swenson

Spencer Bohren came from the open sky and the cold hard realities of prairie fundamentalism.

His early life was a routine of relentless sun, strong winds, drenching rains and miracle springs after dusky winters that froze your soul. Surrounded by God’s creation and the abundance of nature, he grew within a discipline meant to keep the darkness outside of the campfire’s glow at bay. But...

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New Write Brothers Album Out Now!

Hey everyone I'm pleased to announce that the new Write Brothers album is out now! Check it out HERE. You can also find it on itunes and on spotify


Kid Covid and New Single

I have just released a new single--a great song called "West End" written by my old friend Dave Myers.

And while we remain on Covid lockdown the Tuesday night shows on Facebook Live will continue at every Tuesday at 8pm CDT. The Time Of Great Hugging will be here someday...


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