Alex Makes The Top Five...

Can you believe that I have 2 albums in the top 5 of the Offbeat Magazine "50 Best Albums of 2020"? Neither can I, but the only way to prove that to you is for you to get an online subscription to Offbeat Magazine, which I of course urge you to do. Otherwise you'll just have to take my word for it. Plus the Write Brothers' album got the nod as well as the Debbie Davis/Matt Perrine X-Mas album. Hooray 2020!


Alex McMurray Talks Back

Offbeat Magazine

Offbeat Magazine by John Swenson

After the forced evacuation of New Orleans in 2005, some of the earliest returnees were musicians who came back after an exile that convinced them there was no place on earth that would nurture their music better than the beautiful Crescent.


The art that some of them created was great, in some cases astonishingly so, as a new era of New Orleans music emerged, fired in the Biblical crucible...

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Video for "Everybody Goes To Hank's"

Catch a glimpse of pre-covid life right here...


New Single "The Devil" is out now...

My new song is called "The Devil" and is available for streaming and download on Bandcamp. Click here to check it out. All proceeds from sales go to Black Lives Matter.


New video for "West End"

Here's a video I made for my version of the the Dave Myers song "West End"